Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is one of the most identifiable buildings in the Dallas landscape. It's unique lighted ball sits on top of a tower that jets over 560 feet above the Dallas skyline. It was ranked "Top 10 Jaunts of 2013" by the Dallas Morning News and a visit to the Reunion Tower will expand your horizons. Literally! The GeO-Deck boasts an amazing 360 view of the entire Dallas landscape. There is something for everyone from foodies, fashionistas, adventure seekers or sightseers. ADD THIS TO YOUR TOUR!



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Fine Dining Awaits

While you are 560 feet above Dallas, you can dine at Cloud Nine Cafe or at Five Sixty Restaurant. Wolfgang Puck inspired award-winning fine dining restaurant, Five Sixty, is also located in Reunion Tower. Five Sixty offers an extraordinary culinary experience, modern Asian-influenced cuisine while showcasing the best views in Dallas. Exclusive Five Sixty valet parking is conveniently located on Hotel Street for guests dining at the restaurant. Cloud Nine offers a hot food menu on Saturday and Sundays and light food and drinks on the GeO-Deck Monday- Friday. No reservations required.