Hop-on and hop-off a Double Decker Dallas bus at any of the stops – and enjoy sightseeing (or just getting around town) at your leisure. Unlike our Dallas 1-loop tour, the hop-on hop-off freedom allows you to see the sights for whatever time you like. Stay as long or as little at each time as you like. Guided tour time is 80 minutes.

THE BUS PICKS UP EVERY 45 MINUTES - Please see our schedule below for tour stop times.

Tickets may be purchased online, Elm St. ticket booth, or on the bus at any stop. Dallas city tours are fun and offer a glimpse into the past and a look at the future.

Double Decker Dallas Scheduled Tour Stops

Dealey Plaza 10:00a 10:45a 11:30a 12:15p 1:00p 1:45p 2:30p 3:15p
Omni 10:05a 10:50a 11:35a 12:20p 1:05p 1:50p 2:35p 3:20p
Reunion 10:10a 10:55a 11:40a 12:25p 1:10p 1:55p 2:40p 3:25p
DWA 10:23a 11:08a 11:53a 12:38p 1:23p 1:08p 2:53p 3:38p
Perot 10:26a 11:11a 11:56a 12:41p 1:26p 1:11p 2:56p 3:41p
Hard Rock Cafe 10:28a 11:13a 11:58a 12:43p 1:28p 1:13p 2:58p 3:43p
AAC 10:30a 11:15a 12:00p 12:45p 1:30p 1:15p 3:00p 3:45p
Kylde Warren 10:35a 11:20a 12:05p 12:50p 1:35p 1:20p 3:05p 3:50p
DMA 10:41a 11:26a 12:11p 12:56p 1:41p 1:26p 3:11p 3:56p
Thanksgiving Square 10:47a 11:32a 12:17p 1:02p 1:47p 1:32p 3:17p 4:02p
Deep Ellum 10:56a 11:41a 12:26p 1:11p 1:56p 1:41p 3:26p 4:11p
Famers Market 11:01a 11:46a 12:31p 1:16p 2:01p 2:46p 3:31p 4:16p
Neiman Marcus 11:05a 11:50a 12:35p 1:20p 2:05p 2:50p 3:35p 4:20p
Pioneer Plaza 11:10a 11:55a 12:40p 1:25p 2:10p 2:55p 3:40p 4:25p
West End 11:15a 12:00p 12:45p 1:30p 2:15p 3:00p 3:45p 4:30p


There's no better way to see Dallas than on our Double Decker Dallas sightseeing tour. Live narration with professional tour guides!

Hop On Hop Off Dallas Tour


Follow the route that John F. Kennedy took as he drove through Dallas that fatal day in 1963. Our sister company, Big D Fun Tours, will take you back to November 22, 1963, and share facts you NEVER knew before.

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